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Sugandha-Veda, the website that brings fragrance to Life.

Intention1We arrived on the Earth with a purpose that transcends us and that we also embrace at the same time. The human being is a paradox: his body is almost the body of an ape that is inhabited by an almost divine Spirit. At the beginning of this millennium, since the academic flood of neurosciences, we have witnessed a lack of consideration for the human unconscious mind. This disregard has led to problems of self-ignorance that reflect at a sociocultural level. How to use symbolism in a consciousness-raising therapeutic perspective is one of the tools that we use during our courses and that we introduce in this website. A teaching doesn’t stand in for personal experience but it can give us a map, it is then up to us to travel our inner “country”. As it is said in an ancient alchemical piece of writing, the Emerald Tablet, “that which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing”. [1]. The physical body is the tangible and solid reflection of consciousness.

[1] Hermes Trismegistus – The Emerald Tablet – Isaac Newton’s translation

Intention2 Medicine, medical practitioner, medicinal… all these words come from the Indo-European root word “med” which is also the origin of the words media, intermediary… The art of medicine can be seen as the science that links the principles of healing and unifying (the word “heal” has the same origin as the word “whole”…) with the “diseases” which are, fundamentally, divisions and disconnections, regardless of the way we look at them.

Therapeutic comes from the Greek word “therapeutikos” which means “the one who takes care of”,[2]. so “in a therapeutic perspective” means practicing the art of taking care.

This website was born to inspire us, to show us how to play with the perfumes of life and the fragrances of time. It has no special objective and may even be downright meaningless…


[2] Le Robert – Historical dictionary of the French language.

Ayurveda means “the knowledge of Life”. This simple definition shows us how, by applying this ancient sacred medicine, we move away from the usual symptom-based therapy so common in our postmodern times. On a consciousness point of view, this “medicine” from India sees three fundamental energies, three primary forces, at the basis of the entire illusory manifestation, they are movement, transformation and structure.
We can match these essential forces to Plato’s primary transcendental values: Goodness, Truth and Beauty, respectively. The unstable balance of these three primary principles can be found within the atom, within the galaxies and, in between, within the mineral reign, the plants, the animals and within the human beings, among others… Every disease happens because of the unbalanced predominance of one of these three primary forces.

Intention3 Consciousness, to be with knowledge, with science, to make one with knowledge, to grow with what is to be known, to become the object of awareness, basically… True consciousness evolves into true knowledge: object and subject joining in an integration and synthesis perspective. Today’s postmodern world displays the dictatorship of “the object” versus “the subject”. In this way, it is supported by science even if science claims to be “objective”. But science is a “scientia [3]”, a knowledge, a “joyful wisdom” as Nietzsche would put it. It should widen our tastes, our perceptions, and thus the object should be given a subjective character. This way, the main part of the authorized science is rather a nescience, a lack of knowledge, at least when it dwells on the simple description of phenomena without bothering to look for the prime causes of these very phenomena. Our objective is to take part, in the best of our abilities, in the Plan that shows us that the huge mess we seem to encounter nowadays on Earth is only the incarnation of the “Great Life” as:

  • The Hindu Brahmanic Oneness
  • The word that cannot be named – Yod-He-Vav-He – of Hebrew people
  • The One and Only God of Muslims
  • God the Father of Christian faith
  • …and many more.

The experience we have gained practising the art of therapeutics and phyto-aromatherapy for more than 25 years, together with a path into symbolism as a way to self-knowledge, allows us to provide these “tools” made of fragrances, colours, shapes and sounds.

It seems to us that a necessary and even compulsory stage of travelling this Life is finding the “master within our heart”.[4]

Today, as we are facing the postmodern collapse of everything, at a time when gurus, coaches, mentors, leaders and many others, breed as fast as mushrooms in autumn, it occurs to us that it is essential and urgent to restore the concept of a guidance within the heart. The voice of the heart is a delicate voice, quite imperceptible, it is a child of silence, the whisper of the flecks of consciousness nested deep into each of our particles.

[3] Scientia : Latin for knowledge, scire : Latin for to know
[4] Annie Marquier – The Heart Revolution – Valinor Publishing

To discover the guidance within our heart, we need to pay great attention, this guidance is as subtle as a doe, as discreet as a cat (when it decides to be discreet…), it glides as high as a flying eagle, it awaits as concealed as a precious nugget buried in the depths of a gold mine.

Intention4To be part of the vast ocean of consciousness, we need to experiment with, among others, the following “droplets”:

  • The knowledge of the energy bodies
  • The huge range of scented treasures brought to us by the essential oils
  • The symbolism and meanings of the energies of colours
  • Vibrations, sounds, harmonics and overtones
  • … and many more to come

Since the end of last millennium, the Internet, like a formidable “spider web”, has allowed human beings to connect at the speed of light. This website is a colourful and perfumed spark which serves the “cosmic anthill”.