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Only the inner sight – or intuition, or poetry, or the eye of heart… whatever you want to call it – allows us to “see” what is invisible. Real knowledge sees the outside as much as the inside of an “object”.

To describe the colours of a plant belongs to fictional metaphysics. The colours of plants open the door to a path “based on our inner experience”, a subjective way which can become the master within our heart, our “King of the Heart”.

What is visible doesn’t mean all that can be “seen”.

Confusion – which really does not exist – already starts at this level because the apparent physical world is in truth not as physical as it appears.

Emptiness is quite « full », full of information, full of energies, full of qualities which are as much visible as invisible and imperceptible to our physical senses. Our physical body, our flesh, is immersed in a two-sided universe: one side of visible matter and one side of invisible energy.

To pay attention to the nonverbal subtle world opens the doors to the etheric body. The ether provides a sense, it has a sense that visible matter doesn’t have.

In the human body, etheric energy flows along an invisible network of meridians which has been described by Chinese and Indian doctors for thousands of years.

One can find strange pictures of human beings with patterns, protuberances and body adornments which symbolize etheric energy. This energy is not a raw force. Through sound and through colour, it carries information, a structure upon which “lays” the human body.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An essential oil is surely a composition of molecules but, by respecting the organic components and by maintaining the intelligence held in the plant thanks to distillation, it behaves like a complete living being. The wisdom of Ancient India calls this being a Deva : a particular spirit related to a spiritual subtle function or related to a vegetal, animal or mineral species.

These olfactory and psycho-emotional “colours” are a way to illustrate a perfume by analogy with the feeling we get when we look at a specific colour. It is a totally subjective notion, that is to say related to us, the subject, and the opposite of an objective notion which is related to the object.

The knowledge of olfactory and psycho-emotional “colours” allows us to travel safely and with efficiency within the realm of subtle aromatherapy. The use of essential oils to stay in good shape and to restore perfect health demands that we understand the oils as Devas, Devas who were brought to us to help us during the times of transition we are going through.

The olfactory “colours” are distributed in 12 shades related to the chromatic wheel that can also be found within the Archeometer which is also divided in 12.


There are a few ways to use essential oils in this perspective of working with the olfactory colours: through massage (3% of essential oil diluted in a vegetable carrier oil), with a nebulizer which disperses essential oils into the air or by blending a few drops of essential oil in alcohol or floral water and spraying around the body like a perfume.

Each essential oil has very precise prescription rules according to its physical properties as well as its psycho-emotional properties, its action on the energy fields.

In this website, our use of essential oils is mostly symbolical and psycho-emotional thus we advise that the concentration of essential oils diluted in a vegetable carrier oil does not exceed 5%. Being natural doesn’t mean a product is harmless! Actually, some essential oils must only be used when prescribed by a physician, especially for pregnant women and small children.

Plants have been the pillars of mountains on Earth for almost an eternity. It is the plants that maintained the landscape by clinging to Earth with their deep roots. Plants gave air and food to animals. We came just after and animals and plants were food for us. Later plants provided us with drugs that at least treat us if not heal us.

Plants treat us, that is to say they supply a dressing for wounds, they help one of the bodies which is suffering. They can also heal us by reuniting us with our soul at an invisible – but very genuine – level. If we only treat by using external dressings, it is not enough; but, in the light of our current level of evolution, if we only care about the soul while neglecting the body, we move too fast.