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The kingdom of plants

Without the kingdom of plants, no organic life (carbon-based life) would be possible on Earth.
The non-carbon-based life is the life of ether and spirits of Nature (elemental beings).
Organic life is the carving of information into solid matter. Information is a “modern” expression to describe the primordial Creative Word of Tradition.

The scented plants, the essential oils, are a gateway to the knowledge of this information.

regne_vegetal1 There would be nothing on Earth without the seaweeds which became, over a few billion years, the plants of our forests and of our countryside. At the beginning of life on Earth, these tiny cells, which didn’t even have a nucleus, invented the most wonderful molecule: chlorophyll.

Then, animal life grew on the waste and residue of the world of plants.

At the beginning, there is nothing, only a seed, a little water and the sun. The sprout unfolds, the rootlets sink into the earth while microscopic leaves come to light from the mud. All this formidable orchestra is conducted by DNA, without which the music of life would not be played. The steps of this huge double helix molecular structure which coils within the nucleus write the musical score performed by ribosomes and associated molecules.

Thus, life is information carved within matter.

regne_vegetal2The plants are the pillars of life on Earth. They produce oxygen by chlorophyll biosynthesis, food for animals and remedies to help us and treat us.

The kingdom of plants is inherently related to the higher worlds, the world of Devas, of God, the world of our soul, and, at the same time, its roots adjoin the deepest and thickest part of the mineral world. By being strongly connected the Heavens and to the Earth and by being the place where the highest meets the lowest, the plants can, if we ask them, guide us. If we see the tree as a symbol, it reaches much higher than its highest branches and it dives much lower than its deepest roots.

The oxygen we breathe is supplied by the plants, plants of either the Earth or the sea.

regne_vegetal3 The plants feed us and, thanks to the essential oils and the alkaloids, they treat us. They have conquered, owing to their subtle vibrating energy, the spheres of the astral world and, through their Devas, they link us to the higher worlds.

Therapist comes from the classical Greek word “therapeutikos” which means “inclined to take care of”, it has the same origin as the word “therapon”: the servant, the equerry, the squire, the worshipper. We like to think of the plants as our faithful companions: they take care of us, they feed us, they attend to our well-being, they treat us and keep us healthy and joyful.

From a technical point of view, an essential oil is the concentrated hydrophobic result of the distillation of an aromatic plant whereas hydrosols or floral waters are the hydrophilic result of the same distillation. Compared to other herbal extraction methods – like dried plants, spagyric tinctures, extracts from fresh plant material, among others – the essential oil provides the highest level of active ingredients concentration while preserving the subtle level of energy and information found in the plant.

To begin with, the world of fragrance was the universe of essential oils, it is this perfumed kingdom that we want to describe here.